Bookbird contents 3 / 2014

Editorial by Roxanne Harde



May Everyone Really Mean Everyone: Interpreting Reality through Our Own Patterns by Beatriz Alcubierre Moya


Feature Articles


Pat Mora: Transcending the Continental Divide One Book at a Time by Denise Davila

Learning in Francisco Hinojosa’s Children’s Fiction by Mónica Bernal Bejarle


María Elena Walsh and the Art of Subversive Children’s Literature by Alina Dunbar


The New Children of Resistance: Becoming a Child through the Stories Told by the EZLN by Rodrigo Mier González Cadaval and Irene Fenoglio Limón


Magical Realist Moments in Malín Alegría’s Border Town Series by Amy Cummins and Tiffany Cano


Chilean Children’s Literature and National Identity: Post-Dictatorship Discourses of Chileanness through the Representation of Indigenous People by Isabel Ibaceta G.


El Fulano and Patty Swan: Rhetorically Queering the Island in The Meaning of Consuelo by Hilary Brewster


Children & Their Books


To Arrange Life among Books by Socorro Venegas


Puerto Rican Children’s Literature and the Need for Afro-Puerto Rican Stories by Carmen Milagros Torres-Rivera




Storytelling and Metaphor in Science Communication by Sergio de Régules


Young Adult Literature in Bolivia by Gaby Vallejo Canedo



Books on Books by Christiane Raabe and Jochen Weber





Conquistando a Lindolfo [Wooing Lindolfo] by Rosalba Guzman Soriano

Gaby Vallejo Canedo


What a Party! by Ana Maria Machado and Hélène Moreau

Samantha Christensen


Los Diferentes [The Different Ones] by Paula Bossio

Deena Hinshaw


The Donkey Lady and Other Tales from the Arabian Gulf edited by Patty Paine, Jesse Ulmber, and Michael Hersrud

Roxanne Harde


Hojas [Leaves] and Me gustan las vacas [I like cows] by Lara Enrique and Luis García

Deena Hinshaw


La incredible tía Dorita [The Amazing Aunt Dorita] by Rosario Moyano Aguirre

Gaby Vallejo Canedo


Danny, Who Fell In A Hole by Carl Fagan

Taylor Kraayenbrink


Gizli Kapı [Secret Door, Nightmare Forest] by Burcu Unsal, cover illus. by Şahin Karakoç

Tülin Kosikoglu


Hektor in zrela hruška [Hector and the Ripe Pear] by Dim Zupan, illus. by Andreja Gregorič

Gaja Kos


Song of Gipsy’s Tar by Mohammad Hadi Mohammadi

Bahar Eshragh


The Golden Age of Folk and Fairy Tales: From the Brothers Grimm to Andrew Lang edited by Jack Zipes

Samantha Christensen


Focus IBBY by Elizabeth Page

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