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Berge, Clea

What’s Down That Hole?

Illustrated by Berge. Cape Town, South Africa: Centre for the Book / Sappi Limited, 2004. No pag. ISBN 0-7961-0013-6. Ages 3-6.

This delightful and simple picture book plays on every child’s curiosity and fear of the unknown. It is a beautifully produced book with delightful illustrations. With the simplest of outline artwork, we follow Siphiwe who hears a “terrible sound” coming out of a hole in the ground. Neither he nor his growing number of friends can decide what it is. Taking courage in numbers, they jump into the hole, and Siphiwe finds a tiny green cricket that says, “You just thought I sounded terrible because you grew more and more afraid every day” (no pag.). Fear conquered, they climb out and go home. Perhaps jumping into strange holes should not be encouraged for young children, but this is the world of make-believe!

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