IBBY-Yamada Fund

The Child’s Right to Become a Reader

In 2005, IBBY launched a campaign to draw attention to the right of every child to become a reader. With the generous financial contribution of the Yamada Bee Farm, which had funded several IBBY projects in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, the IBBY-Yamada Fund was established to provide grants for IBBY projects that help develop a book culture for children in all regions of the world. Each year around ten projects are selected by the Executive Committee among those presented by IBBY Members. Each approved project receives USD 5,000, and most projects have matching funding from other sources.

The range of Yamada projects is enormous, depending on the needs of the community. They span from reading promotion programmes, establishing libraries in schools and community centres, training teachers and parents in maintaining libraries and storytelling as well as workshops for writers, illustrators and editors of children's books.

IBBY-Yamada Fund Projects by Type

IBBY-Yamada Fund Projects 2023

IBBY Argentina
Primeros favoritos (First Favourites)
Reading programme shaped as a literary competition where children age 4–6 act as jury and engage in the evaluation of books with teachers

IBBY Armenia
Defenders of every child’s right to become a reader: the great role librarians’ in creating readers
Workshop for librarians with foreign specialists

«Children, as soon as they can think, must think…»: the significance of high-quality books in the cultural identity of children and young people
11th IBBY-Yamada “We Work for the Children” International Workshop 

IBBY Haiti
Reading programmes for displaced children
Bibliotherapy with children whose families have been displaced in gang related violence

IBBY Lebanon
Library for refugees
Renovation of a library and training in library practice and bibliotherapy for educators of the Jusoor centre for Syrian children refugee in Lebanon

IBBY Malaysia
Literature Therapy for Malaysian Underprivileged Children
Training workshop for teachers, volunteers, librarians and social workers, working with underprivileged children in Selangor (West Coast) and Terengganu (East Coast)

IBBY Mongolia
Building a network and increasing the capacity of children’s reading promoters in Mongolia
Creating awareness to children’s reading and providing training to reading promoters, experienced or beginners

IBBY Nepal
My Environment, a clean Environment
Creating awareness among children of the proper management of waste plastic in urban areas through books

IBBY Zimbabwe
Enhancing children’s reading rights through drama
Production of 5 audio/radio drama to introduce Zimbabwean children to local stories via community radio stations

IBBY-Yamada Fund Projects 2022

IBBY Armenia
Book Camp in Yerevan
Reading promotion activities for children from the border regions of Armenia.

IBBY Cameroon
Imagine my book, my universe II
Develop a culture of children’s book in Cameroon.

The land in which I was born
The significance of high-quality books in communication proficiency and cultural identity.

IBBY France
Creating a library in the Emergency Accommodation Centre for Migrants

IBBY Lebanon
Bibliotherapy and anxiety in children - online training of professionals

IBBY Malaysia
Literacy development workshop and training for marginalised children

IBBY Mongolia
Assessment of Mongolian children's reading post-pandemic

IBBY Pakistan
The Camel Caravan
Bringing books where there were none

The Trust Libraries
Developing a book culture in a context of crisis 

IBBY Zimbabwe
Story Reading Flyers for reading promotion at schools and at home

Full reports of all IBBY-Yamada 2022 projects

IBBY-Yamada Fund Projects 2021

IBBY-Yamada Fund Projects 2020

Information about the IBBY-Yamada projects from 2006 to 2019 can be found in the Archives.