IBBY-Yamada Fund

IBBY-Yamada Fund 2011

IBBY Bolivia: Libros en las plazas (books in public squares)

IBBY France: Workshop for school and public librarians in Cote d'Ivoire

IBBY Indonesia: Seminar and workshop on producing quality children's books

IBBY Mexico: Language stimulation and books for babies

IBBY Mongolia: Reading promotion workshop for librarians, parents and children

IBBY Nepal: Storytelling and creating libraries in a remote region of Nepal

IBBY Pakistan: "Promoting peace through books and reading"

IBBY Peru: Reading promotion in kindergartens

IBBY Uruguay: Reading promotion through reading spaces and book donation

IBBY Venezuela: Strategies to write and illustrate stories for children

IBBY International: Support to attend the first African Regional meeting


IBBY-Yamada Fund 2010

IBBY France: Burkina Faso: Librarian training

IBBY Mexico: A Leer: Installing school libraries

IBBY Nepal: Books where there are no books – creation of reading materials

IBBY Palestine: workshops for Palestinian children in Lebanese refuge camps

IBBY Peru: Training on reading promotion

IBBY Uganda: the importance of book therapy among children

IBBY Zambia: making books and reading promotion


IBBY-Yamada Fund 2009

IBBY Canada: Unknown 2 Known: Children’s book-making project in Cape Town, South Africa.

IBBY Cuba: Two workshops for children's literature

IBBY France: Training workshop for illustrators of children's books in Guinea

IBBY India:  Workshop on book therapy

IBBY Indonesia: Picture book illustration workshop

IBBY Indonesia: relief work in Padang, Sumatra

IBBY Mongolia: Workshop to improve publishing methods

IBBY Zimbabwe: Reading promotion workshop

IBBY Venezuela: IBBY Yamada Scholarship 


IBBY-Yamada Fund 2008

IBBY Bolivia: To be ourselves: handmade books

IBBY Germany: Professional exchange visit

IBBY Ghana: Workshop for children's publisher

IBBY Guatemala: Workshop for training teachers in reading promotion

IBBY Haiti: The Joyful Caravan of Books: workshops and festivals

IBBY India: creating children's libraries

IBBY Malaysia: Conference and workshop: publishing and marketing

IBBY Nepal: Setting up 2 mobile libraries.

IBBY South Africa (supported by IBBY Canada): Books where there are no books


IBBY-Yamada Fund 2007

IBBY Cuba: Regional Workshop

IBBY India: Creating Libraries

IBBY Indonesia: Publishing Workshop

Madagascar, Antanarivo (supported by IBBY France): The Bobiko Project

IBBY Mongolia: Illustration Workshop

IBBY Palestine: Editing Workshop

South Africa (Supported by IBBY Canada): Books where there are no books

IBBY Uganda: Workshop on writing and illustrating skills for children’s storybooks

IBBY Uruguay: Teacher Training


IBBY-Yamada Fund 2006

IBBY Mongolia: producing picture books

IBBY Rwanda: bringing literary books into the classroom

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