IBBY-Yamada 2016: Cuba

Quality books for children and young people

IBBY Cuba has organized international workshops since 2005. The IBBY-Yamada Fund supported the 2016 workshop on how to recognize, select and direct the best use of quality books for children and young people. The workshop is organized by IBBY Cuba but in order to widen its influence and impact the classes will be held in Mexico City, Mexico and Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte in Brazil. The workshops are directed at two groups: (1) teachers and social/family/community specialists and (2) librarians, reading promoters and booksellers.

The workshop was implemented in Sao Paolo (Brazil) - 17 participants, Medellin (Colombia) - 87 participants, Mexico City (Mexico) - 200 participants and Montevideo (Uruguay) - 110 participants. The participants ranged from reading promoters, teachers, editors, journalists, librarians, booksellers as well as professors and students and writers. The discussions stressed the importance of quality books in maintaining and enriching the common cultural heritage of these countries.