IBBY-Yamada 2011: Uruguay

Reading promotion through reading spaces and book donations

IBBY Uruguay conducted a pilot project to promote reading in Caif Centres (Centres for integral attention to families). These Centres have been established in the poorest regions of Uruguay to meet the basic physical needs of children, but have not yet addressed other needs, such as reading. The level of language of children attending these Centres is very low. The project included creating reading spaces or libraries, donating books, training educators and sensitizing parents to the importance of books as well as working with children from different age groups.

In May 2011 the first pilot library was inaugurated: the Abuelo Ubaldo Library., with 120 selected books.  The opening was televised and children, families, as well as representatives of the local educational and government authorities were present.  The first training sessions for the educators took place shortly afterwards and this has encouraged more parents, children and other educators to attend.