IBBY-Yamada 2013: IBBY International

First regional conference for Asia and Oceania and second African regional conference

The IBBY-Yamada Fund was used to support a representative from IBBY Cambodia to attend the first Asia and Oceania regional meeting in Bali, Indonesia. The conference was attended by over 100 people: children’s literature specialists, writers, illustrators, educators, publishers, librarians, storytellers, journalists, activists and children’s book promoters. Through this conference, IBBY Cambodia learned of projects and methods used in other countries as well as developed ties to the other IBBY sections in the region.

The African regional conference was held in Pretoria, South Africa. The meeting was jointly supported by IBBY and the University of South Africa. In total 32 participants from nine Sub-Saharan countries attended, including representatives from six IBBY sections. The IBBY- Yamada Fund was used to support six participants that would not otherwise have been able to attend: one participant from South Africa, two from Uganda, two from Zambia and one from Zimbabwe.