IBBY-Yamada 2012: Indonesia

Advanced workshops on editing, publishing, writing and illustrating children’s books

With funding from the IBBY-Yamada Fund, IBBY Indonesia was able to organize three workshops given by local experts in children’s books. The first was held in April for university students with backgrounds in publication, graphic design and animation, at the campus of Polytechnic Creative Media Jakarta. This workshop was led by Murti Bunanta and Felicia N. Utorodewo, an expert in Indonesian language.

The second workshop, held in Bandung in June, was intended as an opportunity for children’s book writers, illustrators, editors and publishers from West Java to share, study and evaluate their own works. The workshop had 50 participants and was led by Murti Bunanta.

In October, journalists from newspapers, television, online media and radio attended the third workshop on storytelling methods and skills. The 15 journalists were instructed by Murti Bunanta and two members of the Society of Advancement of Children’s Literature. After the workshop, several journalists proposed to form a club that could tell stories in needy communities.