IBBY-Yamada 2018: Venezuela

IBBY Venezuela: Workshops on editing, publishing, writing and illustrating non-fiction books for children

To encourage the creation of high-quality non-fiction books for children, IBBY Venezuela conducted workshops for young Venezuelan writers and illustrators and publishers. The goal of the workshop was to provide innovative concepts and techniques, tools, concepts and the conceptual and creative strategies required to write children's informational books.

The workshop was held in Caracas on June 25-28 2018 and comprised three modules: the first module was a theoretical look at non-fiction books and the second module was a high quality workshop for writing and illustration, led by the industrial designer, translator and editor Maia F. Miret and the Venezuelan designer and illustrator, Ana Palermo Cáceres.  The third module was the exchange of experiences with the theme of "The publication of information books for children and young people: Defiance of knowledge or collaborative work?". María Beatriz Medina and Olga T González Yunis attended for the Banco del Libro and Skype contact was made with publishers: Carla Baredes of the Argentine publishing house IAMIQUE and Pilar Gutiérrez of the Colombian publishing house, Tragaluz. The workshop programme can be seen here.

The workshop was attended by 37 participants, mainly young people starting in the publishing world and particularly interested in children's books. They included students and professionals from many disciplines including illustration and literature, as well as psychology, biology, sociology, education and law.