IBBY-Yamada 2009: Indonesia

Relief work in Padang, Sumatra

Following the tragic earthquakes in Sumatra in August and September 2009 IBBY Indonesia immediately made plans to take reading materials and workers to Padang.  IBBY Indonesia is very experienced in providing this kind of immediate aid for children after their work in 2005 following the Tsunami that devastated the north of the island at the end of 2004.  The group travelled to Padang in November 2009 and began by simply telling stories to the children and playing games with them.  They also distributed box libraries with approx 200 – 250 books.  Each box contained different books so that the boxes can later be exchanged with others.  The leaders will also assess the long-term needs and establish a strategy to continue this work.  This project was also supported by the IBBY Children in Crisis Fund.