IBBY-Yamada 2019: India

IBBY India: Library and workshops for parents, teachers and librarians

Together with the NGO, Social Action for Welfare & Cultural Advancement (SWACA), IBBY India established a library in Kanduni, a remote village in the Sitapur District of Uttar Pradesh. The library was stocked with 1,000 books and workshops were held with local teachers. The first workshop focussed on how to run the library, including classifying and displaying the books as well as various activities to encourage reading: storytelling, creative writing, story acting and illustrating. The second workshop introduced the concept of book therapy: healing disturbed children through storytelling. The last session dealt with the role of books and storytelling for children with special needs. The final day included a story-telling session for about 200 students, both boys and girls.

A full report can be viewed here and photos of storytelling and drawing sessions can be seen below.