Azerbaijani Section of IBBY

c/o Republic Children's Library named after Firudin bay Kocharli

88 S. Vurgun street

1022 Baku

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Ms Shahla Gambarova Aliheydar 

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Liaison Officer

Ms Zahira Dadashova  Jabir


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IBBY Azerbaijan is represented by the Republic Children's Library named Firkin bay Kocharli.

Main projects

In 2010 the library organized the monitoring of the situation of libraries and children’s reading in Azerbaijan. The results of this research were presented at the conference “Reading of children: book and the development of the personality”. Many librarians, teachers, psychologists, researchers, parents, writers, publishers attended the conference.

Following the results of the research and the conference in 2011 the project The Book Caravan: Children’s Books on the Silk Road was organized. The Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Karaev personally supported the project, which was very important for its success. The Book Caravan has passed through six regions of Azerbaijan on the historical Silk Road.  In each region a collection of 900 new children’s books were presented.  Children had an opportunity to participate in book presentations, book contests, meetings with favourite writers, editors of children’s magazines and newspapers. About 7,000 children have participated in this project.

A special video conference Russia – Azerbaijan: Dialogue between two cultures was organized in cooperation with the Regional Children's Library of Volgograd.

Since 2005 Republic Children's Library named after Firudin bay Kocharli has published the journal Göy gurşaği (Rainbow) with articles about the children’s library, children’s books, and creativity in children’s literary works.

In 2011 we have organized the contest for librarians: Grandmother, tell me a fairytale. The winner receives the title Best Storyteller.

Traditionally The Children’s Book Festival is organized in our library. Librarians in cooperation with teachers talk to parents about the best books for children, about promotion of reading and preparing children for going to school.

The Republic Children's Library named after Firudin bay Kocharli has published a special booklet "Make your child love books" for parents. This booklet was distributed in kindergartens, hospitals for children, and community centres where many parents with their children.

The library has also initiated the programme "Take a rest with a book" of summer readings. Children spend the vacation in the library reading books and playing, communicating with librarians and finding out interesting facts about their country, city, and much more.