Detailed Programme and Speeches


Detailed Congress Programme


Wednesday, 20 September


IBBY Executive Committee Meeting

(Golden Dragon Hotel)


Registration at the Golden Dragon Hotel Lobby, Rua da Malaca


Exhibition set up


Luncheon with IBBY EC and CBBY hosted by Macau New Chinese Youth Association, General Association of Chinese Students of Macau and Macau Publications Association

(Golden Dragon Hotel)


Press Conference

(the Plaza Restaurant)

Thursday, 21 September

08:30-18:00 Registration at Congress Secretariat, Fisherman’s Wharf Convention Centre

Plenary Session 1: The Child’s Right to Read (Hall 2)

Chair: Ms. Patricia Aldana (Canada)

08:30-09:00 Publishing and Distributing Children’s Books in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

Mr. Brian Wafawarowa (South Africa)

09:00-09:30 Freedom and Space for Children-Nami Island’s International Book Festival

Mr. Kang Woo-hyon (Republic of Korea)

09:30-10:00 Children’s Literature: The Light that Illuminates the World

Ms. Qin Wenjun (China)

10:00-10:45 Opening Ceremony (Hall 2)

The chair announces the beginning of the 30th IBBY World Congress Macau, China

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

1. Mr. Ho Hau Wah, Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region

2. Representative of the Liaison office of the Central People’s Government in The Macau Special Administrative Region

3. Mr. Wan Yongxiang, The Commisioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The People’s Republic of China in Macau Special Administrative Region

4. Mr. Sou Chio Fai, Director of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau

5. Mr. Lee Shing Chun Chairman of the Board of Director

6. Mr. Lei Pang Chu President of P.E.N., Macau

7. Mr. Lei Pui Lam, Member of Legislative Assembly, Director of the Macau Educators Association

8. Mr. Peter Schneck, IBBY President

9. Mr. Yu Youxian, Chairmen of the Publishers Association of China

10. Ms. Zhang Xiaolan, Vice Chairperson of All China Youth Federation

11. Mr. Hai Fei, President of CBBY

12. Mr. Liu Haiqi, Executive Vice President of CBBY

13. Ms. Lei Lai Cheng, Deputy Director General of Macau New Chinese Youth Association

14. Ms. Ao Hio Ieng, President of Executive Committee of General Association of Chinese Students of Macau

15. Mr. Chan U Ion, Chairman of Macau Publications Association


1. Mr. Peter Schneck, IBBY President

2. Mr. Hai Fei, CBBY President and Congress Chairman

3. Ms. Lei Lai Cheng, Macau New Chinese Youth Association


Presentation to Mr. Ho Hau Wah, Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region by Mr. Peter Schneck, IBBY President

The End of the Ceremony

10:45-11:15 Coffee break (Foyer )

11:15-12:45 IBBY Honour List 2006 Presentation (Hall 2)

Visual Presentation of the 2006 Selection

Ms. Liz Page (Switzerland), IBBY Director

Presentation of the diplomas to nominees attending the Congress

Mr. Ferit Lamaj (Albania)

Ms. Monika Helfer (Austria)

Ms. Fatma El Madool (Egypt)

Mr. Pál Békés (Hungary)

Mr. Conor Kostick (Ireland)

Ms. Sigute Ach (Lithuania)

Mr. Eraclio Zepeda (Mexico)

Mr. Alexei Colâbneac (Moldova)

Mr. Jambyn Dashdondog (Mongolia)

Ms. Vicky Jones (New Zealand)

Ms. Grazyna Lange (Poland)

Mr. Rafail Gazizov (Russia)

Ms. Desa Muck (Slovenia)

Ms. Evangeline Ledi Barongo (Uganda)

Acceptance speech on behalf of the nominees given by Ms. Evangeline Ledi Barongo

12:45-14:00 Lunch (Hall1, RoomII, III).,

IBBY Honour List 2006 Special Lunch-Room V, by invitation only

14:00-15:30 Children’s Forum (Hall 3)

*Attending the Children’s Forum will be leaders from General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China, IBBY, CBBY, Foreign Delegates, Reporters and Child Representatives. Total attendance is expected to be over 400 people.

*The Host will be Bai Xue, Beijing No.2 Junior High School Student.

*Please be seated by 14:00 (2:00pm) and enjoy a short musical performance

14:00-14:15 Opening Ceremony

Host’s Introduction

Lu Qin, Vice Chief Editor, China Children’s Press & Publication Group

14:15-15:30 Introduction of the forum topics:

*Reading Tells Me What is Love

*Reading is the Key to Knowledge

*Reading Lets Me Know the Truth of Friendship

*Reading Encourages Me

*Reading Teaches Me how to Grow Up

*Thinking While Reading

*Sharing the Enjoy of Reading

*Friend is the Other Me by Bao Man, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province

*Reading Teaches Me the Sense of Growing Up by Zhou Xiansong, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

*To Know India by Reading Adventure Stories by Saawani J. Raje, India

*Along with Poetry by Zeng Tian, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

*Behave as Confucius does by Hu Zijian, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

*A Good Book is A Friend to Me by Leong Fong Chio, Macau

*How to Promote Kids to Read at Home By TSANG, Shing, Hong Kong

*Read with Parents by Liang Jiaming, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province

*The Power of Reading by Fang Minglu, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province

*Reading as Growing Up by Wei Guanchong, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province

Musical performance by Wei Guanchong

14:00-15:30 Seminars (Room I) Chair: Mr. Ellis Vance (USA)

General Themes:

The Development Trend of Children’s Picture Books

Children's Literature and Ethics

Ms. Eun Hye Son (Korea) The Images of Korean people and culture reflected in the picture books published in the United States

Mr. Jan Hansson (Sweden) Ethics in Swedish children's literature and the promotion of Swedish literature

Ms. Loreta Jakonyte (Lithuania) New Reality Challenges Literature: Fiction For Children in Post-Soviet Lithuania

Ms. Mari Jose Olaziregi (Spain) Literature for children and violence in a minority literature. The case of Basque Literature

Ms. María Eugenia Coeymans (Chile) Children Literature and Ethics

Mr. Shan Wen Jing (China) Select Books for Young Readers and Popularize Reading Education

15:30-16:00 Coffee break (Foyer )

16:00-17:30 Children’s Forum continuation (Hall 3)

16:00-16:50 *Reading Encourages Me by Liao Xing, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

* Books are my Vitamin Supplements by Chan Lai Ieng,, Macau

* How Reading Influences and Helps Young People by Renne Baker, Macau

* A Good Book May Accompany You Lifelong By Sun Mengtian, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

* Reading Tells Me What is Love by Hu Xue, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

* My Reading Strategy by SO, Shun Yan, Hong Kong

* My Father by Niani Feelings, U.S.A

16:50-17:00 Address by Sponsor Mr. Lam Tong

17:00-17:30 Carrots and Books

A 15-Minute Role Play by Children

Awards Ceremony

Mr. Hai Fei, CBBY President will present the speakers with their awards.

With musical accompaniment

16:00-18:00 Seminars (Room I) Chair: Mr. Vagn Plenge (Denmark)

General Themes:

Reflection on the Phenomenon of Harry Potter

Children's Literature and the Ideal World

Children’s Freedom and Space

Mr. Niklas Ake Bengtsson (Finland) Wide interest on Harry Potter and fantasy in Finland

Mr. John Elwall Foster (Australia) Harry Potter, Hans Andersen and the Significance of Folk and Fairy Tales

Mr. Jambyn Dashdondog (Mongolia) Children's Literature and the Ideal World

Ms. Serpil Ural (Turkey) Children's Literature and the Ideal World

Ms. Anne Laurel Carter (Canada) Telling the Truth for Palestinian Children

Ms. Tilka Jamnik (Slovenia) Family Reading for the Ideal World-Children´s Literature improves the Literacy of all family members

Ms. Nadia El Kholy (Egypt) What is New in Children's Books in Africa, with a focus on Egypt

Ms. Margaret Zeegers (Australia) Investigating Parody and Forgery in Children’s and Young Adult Literature: Exploring the implications of Bakhtin and Chronotopes

18:30-21:00 Presentation of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2006 (Hall 2)

Chair: Mr. Huang Jianbin (China)

Laudatio by Mr. Jeffrey Garrett (USA), President of the Hans Christian Andersen Jury

Message from the Nissan Motor Co., delivered by Ms. Chieko Suemori

Presentation of medals and diplomas by Mr. Jeffrey Garrett and Mr. Peter Schneck to Ms. Margaret Mahy (New Zealand) and Mr. Wolf Erlbruch (Germany)

Acceptance speech by Ms. Margaret Mahy

Acceptance speech by Mr. Wolf Erlbruch

Reception hosted by the Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

Friday, 22 September

Plenary Session 2: Children’s Books – Images of Society or Agents for Change

(Hall 2) Chair: Ms. Leena Maissen (Switzerland), Former IBBY Executive Director

08:30-09:00 The Aesthetic Responsibility of Children’s Literature and

Individual Development

Mr. Wang Quangen (China)

09:00-09:30 Picture Books as Art Traversing Time and Culture

Ms. Tayo Shima (Japan)

09:30-10:00 Listening, Looking and Reading: three aspects of children’s Literature

Ms. Isabelle Nières-Chevrel (France)

10:00-10:30 Ms. Katherine Paterson (USA), winner of the 2006 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, in discussion with Jury member Ms. Birgitta Fransson (Sweden)

10:30-11.00 Coffee break (Foyer )

Plenary Session 3: Writing for Children – Writing for the Future

(Hall 2) Chair: Ms. Carmen Diana Dearden (Venezuela)

11:00-11:30 How to Reach our Children

Mr. Zhang Zhilu (China)


Mirrors and Windows: The value of books reading and writing in educating for citizenship. A Mexican Experience.

Ms. Elisa Bonilla Rius (Mexico)

12:00-12:30 IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award 2006

Presented by Ms. Jant van der Weg-Laverman (The Netherlands), President of the IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award Jury

Presentation of diplomas and prizes to the representatives of winning projects:Mr. Dashdondog Jambyn (Mongolia)

Ms. Irena Kozminska (Poland)

Message by Mr. Hideo Fujiwara, Chief of the Asahi Shimbun Chinese Bureau

12:30-14:00 Lunch (Hall 1, Hall 3)

14:00-15:30 IBBY Forum and Open Debate (Room V)

Co-Chairs: Mr. Peter Schneck and Ms. Patricia Aldana

Focus on Africa: IBBY Projects in 2006 (Ms. Meena Khorana, Ms. Liz Page)

The IBBY Forum will start as a joint meeting followed by working groups.

14:00-15:30 Seminars

Room I Chair: Ms. Wendy Cooling (UK)

General theme: Children's Literature and Ethics

Ms. Zhang Xini (China) Children's Literature and Ethics

Mr. Stephen Hancock (USA) Doing Time with Daddy: Exploring the Issue of Incarceration through Children’s Literature

Ms. Mehri Parirokh and Mr. Rahmatollah Fattahi (Iran) Modelling the Minds of Children to Think Philosophically : Content Analysis of Stories for Children

Ms. Linda Veltze (USA) Ethics Drives Us to Action: Service Learning in Bolivia

Ms. Wang Xiaoping (China) Life Lessons from American Young Adult Novels

Ms. Kathy G. Short (USA) Ethics and Cultural Authenticity in International Children’s Literature

Room II Chair: Ms. Sybille Jagusch (USA)

General themes:

Reflection on the Phenomenon of Harry Potter

Children's Literature and the Ideal World

Ms. Wang Lei (China) What Does Harry Potter Tell Us?

Ms. Margaret A. Chang (USA) A Child, a Monkey, plus Dragons and Evil Demons: One Reflection on the Harry Potter Phenomenon

Ms. Sueli de Souza Cagneti Mr. Alcione Pauli Mr. Cleber Fabiano da Silva (Brazil) “Pinocchio” and “Emília”. From speaking dolls to conscious beings: the humanization marked by its different contexts

Ms. Deepa Agarwal (India) Children’s Books in India: Real Worlds and Ideal Worlds

Ms. Etsuko Nozaka (Japan) The World of Kamishibai and Grow Grow Grow Bigger

Ms. Cao Min (China) Coming of Age: A Solitary Journey in the Wilderness – On Reading Gary Paulsen’s Newberry Honor Books Hatchet and Dogsong

14:00-15:30 Storytelling sessions (Room III)

Ms. Manorama Jafa (India)

Ms. Indira Bagchi (India)

Ms. Dianne Johnson (USA)

Ms. Ira Saxena (India)

15:30-16:30 Coffee Break (Foyer )

16:00-18:00 Forum and Open Debate: Future of IBBY – Continuation

Room V

16:00-18:00 Seminars

Room I Chair: Ms. Linda Pavonetti (USA)

General themes:

Children’s Freedom and Space

Children's Literature and the Ideal World

Children’s Books and Multimedia Era

Mr. Zhu Ziqiang (China) Freedom and Formation of Children’s Self-Awareness

Mr. Rogério Andrade Barbosa (Brazil) Children's Freedom and Space

Ms. Margaret Zeegers and Ms. Zhang Xiaohong (Australia/China) Children as the Future of China: Lu Xun’s Contribution to the Development of Modern Chinese Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Ms. Chen Qionghui (China) On the literature education in kindergartens

Ms. Takeo Miyakawa (Japan) The Imagination of Kenji Miyazawa: “The dual sight" – reality and dream

Ms. Susanne Loheman (Sweden) Living Books – Library and Computer in Cooperation

Mr. Akira Nakao (Japan) Children’s books and the Media Mix

Room II Chair: Mr. Igor Saksida (Slovenia)

General themes:

Reading of the Underprivileged Children

The Development Trend of Children’s Picture Books

Ms. Margriet Ruurs (Canada) Bringing Children and Books Together: Unique Mobile Libraries Around the World

Ms. Luciana Savaget (Brazil) War X Books - 1001 nights in Baghdad and in the Brazilian SluMs

Ms. Yu Shuman (China) The Construction of Children’s Libraries and the Promotion of Children’s Reading

Ms. Chan Im-wa (China) It is worthy to promote reading among the autistics and mentally handicapped children

Ms. Christine Auberger (France) Literacy and Diversity: the experience of Bayard's Children's magazines

Mr. David Eugene Byer (USA) Illustrated Children’s Books for Vision Community Center Library, Macha Hospital, Choma, Zambia

Ms. Zhao Li (China) Reading of the Underprivileged Children

16:00-18:00 Storytelling session (Room III)

Ms. Girija Rani Asthana (India)

Ms. Swati Raje (India)

Ms. Nilima Sinha (India)

Ms. Ingrid Kallstrom Nilsson (Sweden)

Ms. Margaret Read MacDonald (USA)

Ms. Syeda Basarat Kazim (Pakistan)

Saturday, 23 September

08:30-10:30 International Bookstart conference (Room V)

Responsible Organization:

Booktrust - England Bookstart - Japan Fundalectura - Colombia


Bookstart administrators and participants of the IBBY world congress, who are interested in reading promotion, baby books, child development, partnership between agencies and sectors, etc, are all welcome.


In this seminar, speakers from around the world will talk about Bookstart programmes in their countries. These will be followed by presentations and discussions about the universal essence of Bookstart.

Bookstart was launched in England in 1992 by the Booktrust. The programme provides free packs of books for babies with guidance materials and messages for their parents and carers.

Bookstart packs, photos and posters will be on display.


Booktrust - England:

Ms. Wendy Cooling, Senior Bookstart Consultant

Ms. Rosemary Clarke, Head of Bookstart UK

Bookstart - Japan:

Ms. Izumi Satou Sugita, Bookstart Asian-Networking Project

Fundalectura - Colombia:

Ms. Carmen Barvo, Executive Director

Thai BBY:

Ms. Porn-anong Niyomka Horikawa, Secretary General

Hsin Yi Foundation - Taiwan:

Mr. Eric Chen, Special Assistant to Chief Executive Officer

08:30-09:00 Andersen panel led by Mr. Jeffrey Garrett, President of the Hans Christian Andersen Jury 2004-06 (Room II)

08:30-10:30 Seminars

Room I Chair: Ms. Anne Pellowski (USA)

General themes:

The Development Trend of Children’s Picture Books

Children's Literature and Ethics

Mr. Fang Weiping (China) The Rise of the Picture Book in Mainland China

Ms. Linda M. Pavonetti (USA) The Artistic Trends in International Children’s Picture Books: The 2006 Hans Christian Andersen Award Illustrations

Ms. Nurit Shilo-Cohen (Israel) The Israel Museum Award for the Illustration of a Children’s Book

Ms. Okiko Miyake (Japan) The Development and Possibility of Representation in Picture Books for Children: To what extent has the picture book advanced?

Mr. Tadashi Matsui (Japan) Picture Book Museum – On the preservation of the original illustrations for children’s books

Mr. Igor Saksida (Slovenia) The Development Trend of Children’s Picture Books (in Slovenia)

Ms. Neelmani J. Bhatia (India) Children's Literature and Ethics

Room II 9:00-10:30 Chair: Ms. Ann Lazim (UK)

General theme:

Reading of the Underprivileged Children

Ms. Murti Bunanta (Indonesia) Reading of the Underprivileged Children

Ms. Jay Heale (South Africa) Reading of the Underprivileged Children

Ms. Gaby Vallejo (Bolivia) In Order Not to Be Alone

Ms. Nita Berry (India) Better Books Make Better Human Beings – Enriching Textbooks for India's Children

Ms. Elizabeth Limbrick (New Zealand) Closing the literacy gaps in New Zealand: what is the role of literature?

Ms. Atchara Pradit (Thailand) The success factors and reading promotion techniques in 10 Primary Schools within Bangkok and the nearby provinces

Room III Chair: Ms. Elena Iribarren (France)

General Themes:

Children’s Books and Multimedia Era

Children’s Freedom and Space

Ms. Jia Aihua (China) Children’s Literature in Multimedia Age for Children and Mothers

Ms. Taraneh Matloob Haghanikar (Iran) The Use of Multimedia to Present and Preserve Lullabies in Iran

Mr. Wong Kwok Keung (China) Children reading services in Macau Public Libraries

Ms. Akiko Sueyoshi (Japan) My experience of writing scripts for TV

Ms. Renu Malaviya (India) A Survey of Reading Habits of School Going Children in Delhi City

Mr. Xose Antonio Neira Cruz (Spain) Internet Resources for Children

Mr. Ban Ma (China) Writers and Artistic Originality in eBOOK Age

Ms. Josiane Polidori (Canada) What is the colour of snow?


10:30-11.00 Coffee break (Foyer )

11:00-12:30 International Bookstart conference continued

11:00-12:30 Seminars

Room I Chair: Ms. Wang Xiaoping (China)

General Theme:

Reflection on the Phenomenon of Harry Potter.

Mr. Sun Jianjiang (China) Reflection on the Phenomenon of Harry Potter

Ms. Gulcin Alpoge (Turkey) Harry Potter and Reflections on this Phenomenon

Ms. Nilima Sinha (India) Reflection on the Phenomenon of Harry Potter or Pottermania in India

Mr. Pal Bekes (Hungary) Is there a life after Harry Potter?

Ms. Mónica Domínguez Pérez (Spain) Harry Potter Into Galician: an Example of Derivative Translation

Ms. Su Wenqing (China) Harry Porter and Intersubjectivity Philosophy: The inspiration of ecology to the contemporary fairy-tale creation from Harry Porter

Room II Chair: Ms. Cynthia Pon (USA)

General themes:

Children's Literature and Ethics

Children's Literature and the Ideal World

Ms. Swati J. Raje (India) Tales for Ethics: Ethics for Tales: Panchatantra and Arabian Nights

Ms. Miri Baruch (Israel) Ethics in Contemporary Israeli Children's Literature

Ms. Carol Smith (South Africa) Persona Dolls: Human Rights, Inclusion and Diversity in Practice

Mr. Alex Bangirana (Uganda) Literature and the Ideal World

Ms. Celina Mashiach (Israel) Glocal Childhood: The Construction of Childhood In Israeli Children's Literature

Ms. Zhu Linghong (China) Constructing the bridge between the adults and the children: A review on Bridge to Terabithia

11:00-12:30 Bookbird Correspondents meeting

Room III

12:30-14:00 Standing Buffer Lunch (Foyer)

14:00-15:30 IBBY General Assembly

RooMs. I & II

14:00-15:30 Professional Groups: Authors/Translators; Illustrators; Librarians/Educators

RooMs. III & V

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break (Foyer )

16:00-18:00 IBBY General Assembly continued (RooMs. I & II)

16:00-18:00 Professional Groups continued (RooMs. III & V)

19:00-21:30 Closing Ceremony of the 30th IBBY World Congress

Chair: Ms. Lei Lai Cheng, Deputy Director General of Macau New Chinese Youth Association

1. Address by Ms. Ao Hio Ieng, President of Executive Committee of General Association of Chinese Students of Macau, on behalf of Macau New Chinese Youth Association, General Association of Chinese Students of Macau and Macau Publications Association.

2. Address by Mr. Peter Schneck, outgoing IBBY President

3. Address by Patricia Aldana, incoming IBBY President

Download Participants List and Countries represented in Macau

By clicking here, you will be redirected to the page where you can download two PDF files of back-up material concerning the participants, nationalities and other statistic materials of the 30th IBBY Congress in Macau, 2006.