IBBY-Yamada 2021: Ghana

IBBY Ghana: Capacity building in basic library management and reading promotion skills for primary school teachers.

This project aimed at improving the capacity of 40 teachers in Assin Nkran in the Central Region of Ghana by providing training in basic library management and reading promotion skills. Twenty schools received 200 books each to enhance their existing library stock. The intervention would help improve children’s literacy levels in the community but also support children’s interest in reading for pleasure and enjoyment. The pandemic restrictions delayed the implementation of the project since schools were closed from March to December 2021 and thereafter the teachers and the students had a much higher workload to make up for the lost time in class. Nonetheless, after assessing the situation at each school, the project was implemented and there has been a positive impact on the reading of students in Assin Nkran.  All schools have library periods, students are passionate about reading, books are organised either in a library or storeroom and teachers are engaged in various reading promotion activities with students.

A detailed project report with photos can be found here.