IBBY-Yamada 2022: Mongolia

IBBY Mongolia: Assessment of Mongolian children’s reading post-pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, Mongolian schools and kindergartens have been closed over two years since February 2020. Children are staying at home and have less access to books and reading materials, especially in remote areas and in the case of vulnerable and low-income families. The Ministry of Education has been working on revised regulations for the education sector and local libraries have requested IBBY Mongolia to organise a policy workshop, as was done with success in 2016, to address the post-pandemic needs to for children’s reading. The project will survey and consult with key stakeholders, such as librarians, children, parents and reading promoters to develop recommendations improve children’s reading and access to books in a post pandemic environment. The recommendations will be discussed during a policy workshop with key actors, such as the Ministry of Education, librarians, publishers, scholars, promoters and authors. The joint recommendations will be then communicated widely.