Hans Christian Andersen Jury recommends ...

In addition to recommending books from the winners and the shortlist nominees, the Hans Christian Andersen Jury has created a list of outstanding titles from other 2020 and 2018 Award nominees that they felt were important enough to merit translation everywhere so that children around the world could read them.

2020 HCA Jury recommends ...

1. Dodger written by Libby Gleeson (Australia). Published by Turton & Chambers/Puffin.
2. 盆まねき / Bon maneki (Invitation to the Summer Festival of Bon), written by Yoko Tomiyasu (Japan). Published by Kaisei-Sha.
3. Blue Like Friday written by Siobhán Parkinson (Ireland). Published by Roaring Brook Press/Puffin.
4. Lo stralisco written by Roberto Piumini (Italy). Published by Einaudi Ragazzi.
5. n’ Goeie dag vir boomklim (A good day for climbing trees), written by Jaco Jacobs (South Africa). Published by Lapa.
6. The Rainmaker Danced written by John Agard (UK). Published by Hodder Children’s Books.
7. Mijn vader (My father) written by Toon Tellegen (Netherlands). Published by Querido
8. Der er ingen ende – altid en ny historie (There is no end – always a new story) illustrated by Lilian Brøgger (Denmark). Published by Gyldendal.
9. Сказка с подробностями (A Bedtime Story with Additional Details), written by Grigory Oster (Russia). Published by AST.
10. Latviešu brīnumu pasakas (Latvian Fairy Tales) illustrated by Gita Treice (Latvia). Published by Jāna Rozes apgāds.
11. ضحاک) Zahāk) illustrated and written by Farshid Shafiei (Iran). Published by Nazar (Khorous).
12. 别让太阳掉下来 (Don’t let the sun fall) illustrated by Chengliang Zhu (China). Published by China Peace Publishing House.
13. Arsenije! illustrated by Damijan Stepančič (Slovenia). Published by Miš Založba.
14. El Brujo, el Horrible y el Libro Rojo de los Hechizos (The wizard, the ugly and the book of shame) illustrated and written by Pablo Bernasconi (Argentina). Published by Ed. Sudamericana.
15. 비무장지대에 봄이 오면 (When Spring comes to the DMZ), illustrated and written by Lee UkBae (Korea). Published by Sakyejul.
16. Wenn ich gross bin, werde ich Seehund (When I grow up, I'm going to be a seal) illustrated and written by Nikolaus Heidelbach (Germany). Published by Beltz & Gelberg.
17. Tlajpiajketl. O la Canción del Maíz (Tlajpiajketl. Or the corn song) illustrated by Mauricio Gomez Morin (Mexico). Published by CONAFE.
18. Le aventuriers du soir (The evening adventurers) illustrated and written by Anne Brouillard (Belgium). Published by Les Éditions des Élephants.
19. L’homme Bonsaï (The bonsai man), illustrated by François Roca (France). Published by Albin Michel Jeunesse
20. Καλοκαίρι, φθινόπωρο, χειµώνας, άνοιξη, καλοκαίρι... (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer...), illustrated by Iris Samartzi (Greece). Published by Patakis

2018 HCA Jury recommends ...

1 The Nest, written by Kenneth Oppel (Canada) Published by Harper Collins
2. Simple, written by Marie-Aude Murail (France). Published by l’école des loisirs
3. Malka Mai, written by Mirjam Pressler (Germany). Published by Gulliver
4. Ziba Sedayam (Call me Ziba), written by Farhad Hasanzadeh (Iran). Published by Kanoon
5. Duel, written by David Grossman (Israel). Published by Bloomsbury
6. Fuori fuoco (Out of focus), written by Chiara Carminati (Italy). Published by Bompiani
7. The Duck and the Gun, written by Joy Cowley (New Zealand). Published by Walker Books
8. Ropotarna (The lumber room), written by Peter Svetina (Slovenia). Published by Miš založba
9. Barro de Medellín (Mud of Medellín), written by Alfredo Gómez Cerdá (Spain). Published by Edelvives
10. Kan du vissla Johanna? (Can you whistle Joanna?) written by Ulf Stark (Sweden). Published by Bonnier Carlsen
11. Tschipo, written by Franz Hohler (Switzerland). Published by DTV
12. O monster eet me niet op! (Monster don't eat me!) illustrated by Carll Cneut (Belgium), written by Carl Norac. Published by De Eenhoorn
13. Jane, the Fox and Me, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault (Canada), written by Fanny Britt. Published by Groundwood Books
14. Boku no koe ga kikoemasuka (Can you hear my voice?), illustrated and written by Seizo Tashima (Japan). Published by Doshinsha
15. Les Oiseaux (Little bird), illustrated by Albertine (Switzerland), written by Germano Zullo. Published by La Joie de Lire