Bookbird contents 2 / 2013

Bookbird contents 2 / 2013

Editorial by Roxanne Harde

Feature Articles

“You brat”: Maternal Aggression as Women’s Empowerment in Three Recent Picture Books by Guri Fjeldberg

Similarity or Difference: The Problem of Race in Australian Picture Books by Victoria Flanagan 

Ulitskaia’s Writing for Children: Epiphany and the Sense of Wonder

in Childhood-49 by Oksana Lushchevska

China’s Patriotic Exposé: Ye Shengtao’s Fairytale, Daocao ren [Scarecrow] by Lijun Bi

Multicultural Literature and the Use of Literature in Multicultural Education
in Finland by Juli-Anna Aerila and Lydia Kokkola 

Children and Their Books

Preschoolers Recommending Books by Raquel Cuperman

“The books we’ve had forever”: The Parent-Observer Diary by Virginia Lowe

The Vibrant Triangle: The Relationship between the Picture Book,
the Adult Reader, and the Child Listener by Tamara Smith


Turkish Delight: Sweet or Sour? The Double Face of the Turkish Children’s Book Market by Tülin Kozikoğlu

Charlotte Steiner by Zlata Philips

Reviews of Secondaty Literature

Algoritem arene: Priročnik za branje kakovostnih mladinskih knjig 2012 [The arena algorithm: manual for reading quality youth literature 2012]. by Darja Lavrenčič Vrabec and Ida Mlakar 

Kaja Bucik

Literatura. Duty. Čas [Literature. Children. Time]. By Uliana Hnidets

Oksana Lushchevska

Colonial India in Children’s Literature. By Supriya Goswami

Claudia Söffner

Expect the Unexpected. Essays über Tomi Ungerer zu seinem 80. Geburtstag

[Expect the unexpected: essays about Tomi Ungerer on his eightieth birthday]. Edited by Daniel Keel

Dr. Reinbert Tabbert

Una historia del libro ilustrado para niños en Colombia [A history of illustrated books by

children in Columbia]. Edited by María Fernanda Paz Castillo.
Jochen Weber


The Greedy Sparrow: An Armenian Tale retold by Lucine Kasbarian,
illus, by Maria Zaikina

Barbara Zimmer

Es war einmal Indianerland [Once upon a time there was Indian’s land]
by Nils Mohl

Linda Dutsch 

When Did the Rolling Pumpkin Return Home? by Ali Asghar Seyed Abadi,
illus. by Alireza Goldozian

Bahar Eshraq

La bambina che ascoltava gli alberi by Maria Loretta, illus. by Christina Pieropan

Melissa Garavini 

Los monstrous grandes no lloran [Big monsters don’t cry] by Kalle Güettler,
Rakel Heimisdal, and Áslaug Jónsdóttir

Deena Hinshaw

The Year of the Dragon by Oliver Chin

Helen Luu

Poly-Esther and the Monster by Tiril Valeur Holter-Andersen

Samantha Christensen

Focus IBBY by Liz Page

Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2012

  • Laudatio by Maria Jesus Gil

IBBY France: 3rd European Encounters of Children's Literature

EHON 3/2011 Children in Crisis in Japan

IBBY-JBBY-Asahi Shimbun Symposium

IBBY Regional Congresses

IBBY 2014 World Congress