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Ms Luz Yennifer Reyes Quintero


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IBBY Chile was founded in 1964 by the noted children's book writer and winner of the National Literature Prize, Marcela Paz. She was the creator of the famous Chilean character, Papelucho, whose adventures are still widely read by Chilean children and worldwide. Among other founding members were the writers Maité Allamand, Lucía Gevert, Alicia Morel, Elena Aldunate, Eliana Cerda, Virginia Cruzat, Gabriela Lezaeta, Amalia Réndic, Chela Reyes, María Silva Ossa, Pepa Turina and Marlore Anwandter.

Today, IBBY Chile has established headquarters and holds the monthly meetings. At present, there is a surge of quality children´s books being published in Chile. The standards of production have improved and beautifully illustrated and well-bound books are being produced. Also educators, librarians and parents in general are working together with experts to get a good grasp on the concept of quality children´s books.

IBBY Chile has worked to promote the development of quality literature and pictorial works of art for young people. It has contributed to the improvement of the standard of art and education by the exchange of writers’and artists’ experiences, as well as by organizing writing contests, workshops, seminars and conferences.

Our missionis to promote books and reading to support the human development of children and youth in Chile, fostering dialogue, reflection, beauty, and the necessary connections to nurture peace.

Main projects

  • Assembly of members: formative and informative meeting for members six times a year.
  • Colibrí Medal Award: highlighting the best of Chilean children's and youth literature. Adult and children's juries participate. 
  • IBBY Chile Reader Committee: a gathering of readers who analyze works from Chilean publishers.
  • Colibrí Festival: a space for connecting with the stakeholders of the book and reading industry (authors, illustrators, mediators, children, and youth).
  • The IBBY Chile Lifetime Achievement Medal: a recognition of individuals and institutions that have carried out outstanding work in the field of children's and young adult literature in Chile.
  • The Alas de Colibrí Collection currently comprises two book releases: "The Reading Mediator: Fostering Comprehensive Reading Skills" and "Citizenship and Reading Childhoods".
  • Participation in national and international book fairs: exhibitors and speakers in the cultural program.
  • Nidos de Colibrí: regular interviews with IBBY Chile members, delving into their professional profiles and their work in children's and young adult literature. 

Recent news & events

We regularly post information about the activities we carry out throughout the year on our IBBY Chile website and social media platforms.

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