Nepalese Section of IBBY


c/o Nepalese Society for Children’s Literature (NESCHIL)

Bag Bazar

P.O. Box 1488


Tel  [int. +977] 01 424 15 91




Mr Dhruva Kumar Ghimire

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Mr Pramod Pradhan

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Mr Yashu Shrestha


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The Nepalese Society for Children's Literature (NESCHIL) is working as a National Section of IBBY. NESCHIL was established in 1987 with a view to promote children's literature and reading activities in Nepal bringing together the writers, illustrators, editors of children's books as well as publishers, librarians, teachers, and experts in children's activities.

NESCHIL is an independent academic organization with the following objectives:

  • Organize conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops and lecture programmes at regular intervals and to encourage its members to participate in such activities
  • Carry out research activities in children's books and reading
  • Publish journals and newsletters to disseminate knowledge and information about children's books and reading
  • Encourage the writers, illustrators, translators and editors for the promotion of children's books and reading
  • Organize competition programmes for the writers and illustratios of children's books and to honour writers, illustrators, translators, editors and publishers as well as the individuals for their outstanding contributions in the field of children's literature
  • Promote co-operation among the national and international organizations engaged in the development of children's book and reading
  • Establish children's libraries and reading centres for children in the country.

NESCHIL has the following running programs:

  • Publishes two to four children's literature books every year, including a Nepali Children's Encyclopedia with more than 700 pages.
  • Organizes annual conference every year in different parts of the country to make local children and parents aware of the importance of children's literature and reading habits.
  • Publishes an annual journal Bal Sahitya (Children's Literature). 
  • Publishes a quarterly Newsletter to keep its members and others informed about the activities in children's literature and reading.
  • Organizes lectures and talk programmes on various aspects of children's literature and reading
  • Gives awards and prizes to the writers and illustrator of the best children's book of the year
  • In order to develop reading habits in children, the society has started Children's Reading Programme as a national campaign in the form of a Mobile Library. This reading programme also aims at establishing libraries in the schools and community centres and extending children's sections in the existing big libraries of the country.