Polish Section of IBBY

Polska Sekcja IBBY

Multimedialna Biblioteka dla Dzieci

I Młodzieży nr XXXI

ul. Tyniecka 40a

02-621 Warsaw

Tel [int. +48] 22 831 67 27

E-mail: ibby@ibby.pl


Facebook: @PolskaSekcjaIBBY

Instagram: ps.ibby


President and Liasion Officer

Ms Joanna Piekarska

E-mail: joanna.piekarska@ibby.pl​​​​​​​ 

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Ms Małgorzata Chojecka

E-mail: malgorzata.chojecka@ibby.pl

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Ms Ewa Wilczyńska

E-mail: ewa.wilczynska@ibby.pl​​​​​​​

(address of the section)

The Polish Section of IBBY was established in 1974.

Each year the Section organizes the Book of the Year contest, in which writers, illustrators and reading promotion activists can participate. Since 2000 the Polish Section of IBBY has presented an annual medal for lifetime achievements to outstanding Polish authors and illustrators.

The Polish Section nominates writers, illustrators and translators for the IBBY Honour List, candidates for the Hans Christian Andersen Award and the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) as well as for national and other international awards.

The Section takes part in organizing exhibitions of children’s book illustration and symposiums – both Polish and international. It supports reading promotion among young people in cooperation with libraries, bookshops and publishing houses.

The activities of the Polish Section of IBBY are mostly financed by its members but also by different sponsors. The Section is an important source of information about Polish children books; both in Poland and around the world.