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Organización Española para el Libro

Infantil y Juvenil (OEPLI)

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28040 Madrid

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About the Spanish Section of IBBY


The OEPLI (Spanish Organization for Children's and Young People's Books) is an independent corporation that brings together professionals in literary creation, illustration, mediation (libraries, specialized criticism, teachers, promotion, etc.), and publishing, in relation to Children's and Young People's Literature (LIJ).

The territorial scope is that of the whole of Spain, including all the official languages of the different autonomous communities. Four sections make up the organisational body of the OEPLI: the General Council for Children's and Young People's Books (Spanish), Ibbycat (Catalan Council for Children's and Young People's Books) (Catalan language), Galtzagorri Elkatea (Basque language) and GÁLIX (Galician Association of Children's and Young People's Books) (Galician language). 

As an independent professional entity, it was established on July 27, 1982 when the Children's Literature Commission of the INLE (National Institute of Spanish Books) ceased to exist. It is a non-profit organization that is responsible for carrying out and coordinating all kinds of activities to promote children's books and reading.

The OEPLI is also the Spanish section of the IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People), whose functions it represents and executes in Spain.

Among the main objectives are:

  • Collect, promote, program and execute projects, initiatives and actions aimed at the promotion and dissemination of children's and young people's books and reading among children and young people in our country and in their various languages.
  • Establish with Public and Private Entities the necessary agreements for the better fulfillment of their purposes

Main projects

  • Lazarillo Prize

This award, the oldest in Spanish children's and young adult literature, was convened by the INLE (National Institute of Spanish Books) in 1958 with the aim of stimulating literature for children and young people through the production of good children's and young people's books. Since 1986 it has been convened annually by the OEPLI, with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture, in the two modalities of Illustrated Album and literary creation, in the latter the categories of children and young people, which alternate each year.


In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sport, it publishes the catalogue SPANISH CHILDREN'S AND YOUNG PEOPLE'S LITERATURE. A book/catalogue with the bibliographic selection of the best children's and young adult books, by Spanish writers and illustrators, published over the past year, works that obey criteria of quality and suitability, which makes them worthy of being part of this list of honour as they are considered significant within the great existing production.

  • Seminario IBBY Iberoamericano del Libro Infantil y Juvenil

The OEPLI, in its interest in learning about projects to encourage reading and experiences in the promotion of reading and strengthening ties with countries that share the same language, organizes the IBBY Iberoamerican Seminar on Children's and Young People's Books, with a common agenda, promoting projects of various kinds in the different countries where there is an IBBY section.  expanding the radius of influence to countries where Spanish is the second language and generating tangible products of cooperation in a space of union and reflection necessary to unite voices and efforts