IBBY-Yamada 2017: Afghanistan

Capacity building workshop for youth volunteers to promote reading

The ASCHIANA/AFIBBY mobile library program is a long-term reading program for children living in refugee camps, children in orphanages, children in conflict with the law in juvenile rehabilitation centres and children in disability centres. The mobile library program is based in the Kabul, Heart and Mazar e Sharif provinces and has received funding from the Sharjah/IBBY Fund for Children in Crisis since 2013.

The mobile libraries were created for poor communities and for informal schools run by ASCHIANA. The project created libraries with books, other reading materials and story videos as well as provided training for reading assistants, library assistants and storytellers. Since many or all of the parents are illiterate, the mobile libraries travelled with the teams of assistants (youth volunteer groups) to help the children read. 

In 2017, the Yamada funding was used in several districts of Kabul to conduct safe workshops to train youth volunteers. The youth volunteers work with other youth and children to build their interest in reading, encourage them to be good listeners and active readers as well as encouraging them to write stories on their conditions and their lives. The training will include the use of iPads to permit access to a wider range of books.