Bookbird 2 / 2020

Special Issue on Russian Children's Literature



Expanding Our Global Awareness through an Introduction to Russian Children’s Literature by Petros Panaou and Janelle Mathis 

Featured Articles

Everything Is New: The Publishers, the Authors, and Most Important, the Readers by Ekaterina Asonova and Olga Bukhina – translated by Irina Mikhailovna Leyn
Soviet Children’s Literature of the “Thaw” Period: Discoveries and Utopias by Maria Mayofis – translated by Dmitry Uskov and Olga Bukhina
Nat Pinkerton: A Missing Genre in Russian Children’s Literature by Svetlana Maslinskaya – translated by Kirill Maslinsky

Authors/Illustrators and their Books 

Interview with Nina Dashevskaya: Changing the World through Young Readers by Alyazia Khalifa
Interview with Russian Illustrator Anastasia Arkhipova by Olga Monina and Anna Zolotareva – translated by Irina Mikhailovna Leyn
Illustrated Books Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: A Conversation with Eight Russian Illustrators by Olga Monina, Olga Mäeots, and Anastasia Arkhipova – translated by Irina Mikhailovna Leyn
Children’s Literature in Russia: Publishers’ Perspectives by Olga Muravieva, Angela Lebedeva, and Anastasia Pimkina – translated by Tatiana Lukonina and Max Tompson

Children and their Books

The Children’s Book Festival LiteraTula, in the Homeland of Leo Tolstoy by Irina Rocheva – translated by Natalia Medved
The Children’s Library of Pospelikhinsky District of Altai Krai: “Read and Win” by Svetlana Lublinskaya – translated by Irina Mikhailovna Leyn
Children’s Booktube as a Modern Technology to Promote Books and Reading by Elizaveta Zapiataia –translated by Irina Mikhailovna Leyn
We Are Different but We Are Together: Implementing the Project Azbuka v Rossii by Guriya Osmanova – translated by Natalia Malkina
Russian Children Making Picturebooks in Foreign Languages by Olga Mäeots 


National Electronic Children’s Library: A Living History of Russian Children's Literature by Ilya Gavrishin – translated by Sofia Kazakova
Portrayals of Disability in the Circle of Teenage Reading of the Twenty-First Century by Anna Godiner – translated by Alexander A. Kharitonov
Translated Children’s Books in Russia by Olga Mäeots
| 80 Sergei Aleksandrovich Alimov: An Incredible Artist and Creator by Alina Lazareva – translated by Ismail Amirov 

Focus IBBY  by Liz Page

Postcards  edited by Barbara Lehman


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